From Tesla2023 Impact Report

Tesla Wins Top Saftey Awards

Elon Musk has said that at Tesla, “Safety is our top priority”. And it shows. They have won Five Star awards and top ratings on four continents, beating all other car manufacturers in safety. 

Data from NHTSA and Tesla show that even with no active safety features engaged, Tesla is less than half as likely to get into an accident as the average American car.

While many people are saying that FSD is vaporware and will never happen, it is already making an impact. Cars with FSD Beta engaged on mostly city streets where most accidents occur, show that Teslas are one-fifth as likely to get into an accident as the total US vehicle fleet. And with Autopilot engaged, they are almost ten times less likely to get into an accident. 

And when they do get into accidents, the occupants are less likely to be injured. Tesla takes real-time crash data and uses it to design their cars to be safer from impacts in the way that crashes actually occur and not just the directions tested by NHTSA. They also use their cameras to determine who is in the car, where they are, and whether the car is about to be in an accident and it uses that data to pre-tension seat belts and control when and how the airbags are deployed instead of the one size fits all settings used by other car manufacturers.