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TLDR: I am jumping Into The Fray to fight for a better future!

I created this blog to jump into the fight for a better future. I think that we are on the verge of creating a society of abundance and freedom, but we could definitely screw it up. There are forces, many of whom have good intentions, (but not all…) that want to limit our freedoms, limit our production, and limit the technologies we need to adress they problems we face. I strongly believe that the 2020s havve the potential to go down in history as one of the most important and beneficial decades in human history.

Recent Blog Posts:

Government Incentives Are Not Necessary to the Transition to Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

While they may make the transition a little faster, the financial realities of renewable electricity and electric vehicles (EVs) mean that government incentives for solar power, batteries, and electric vehicles are not necessary. They are a waste of money at a time...

Tesla Safety

From Tesla2023 Impact ReportTesla Wins Top Saftey AwardsElon Musk has said that at Tesla, "Safety is our top priority". And it shows. They have won Five Star awards and top ratings on four continents, beating all other car manufacturers in safety.  Data from NHTSA and...

The Truth about Car Fires

Chart from carsmetric.comNumbers Don't LieWhen a Tesla catches fire, it makes national news. The media loves to hype all the bad news it can make up about Tesla. But the truth is that out of 215,636 car fires, only 52 were electric vehicles. All the rest were gas...